About the Book

Girl Talk, Money Talk is a practical, real-life guide for transforming young women into financially confident adults. You will turn to this book again and again as your life evolves through your twenties and thirties for unbiased, straightforward money advice rather than relying on parents, significant others, or inexperienced family and friends to tell you what to do with your finances. It’s your life. Smart money moves will help you live it better every day.


Now is the time to get a handle on your money. Soon, retirement will be knocking on your door—and you don’t want to be the last one to that party. Children launch and parents need caring for. Divorce and terminal illness are unfortunate realities. Jobs and bonuses come and go. Do you know where you stand with your finances today? Will you be financially secure if tragedy strikes and you are left alone? And do you know the three big money mistakes to avoid in your forties and fifties?

Together we’ll walk through how to balance spending and saving your money, and the big opportunities and obstacles you’ll face in your forties and fifties. From getting a major raise at work, quitting your job, steering through a financial crisis, divorce and remarriage, or finding yourself a young widow, you need to get yourself and your money prepared now. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can make your life easier.

This practical, real-life guide for women will help you navigate money issues in your forties and fifties and help bring you more confidence and wisdom. It’s your life. Smart money moves will help you live it better.