Congratulations! This big world is now yours to explore and conquer. And it costs money. Together we’ll walk through some really big and important life-changing decisions you will soon face from paying off student loans, switching jobs, buying a house, getting married, comingling your finances, having a baby, giving up your career (or not) to be a full-time mom, and what to do if tragedy strikes. Money is at the heart of these decisions and experiences. Prepare yourself now.




Financially Fit and Fabulous in Your Forties and Fifties is the second book in the Girl Talk, Money Talk series.

This book is written to help women to have a solid understanding of what it takes now, in your forties and fifties, to become or remain financially stable and successful. As you are navigating the middle part of your life, this is also the time where new money opportunities, challenges, and decisions need to be addressed that were inconceivable one or two decades ago. Let’s get you prepared. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your money.