About the Author

Lisa Brown is a partner and wealth advisor at Brightworth in Atlanta, Georgia, a nationally recognized wealth management firm specializing in high net worth clients. Although Brown’s clients are affluent, her own upbringing was far more modest. Raised by two school teachers in a rural farming town in upstate New York, Brown learned at the age of 12 how hard work translated into money, rising at 6AM during her summer breaks from school to pick strawberries on a farm for 25 cents per quart. This perspective laid the foundation for the appreciation she has for money today.

Brown’s childhood experience is the opposite end of the financial spectrum with her professional experience. Over the years, she has been alarmed and frustrated by the number of single women approaching her for financial advice, who shared the same unsettling characteristic: a lack self-confidence when it came to making money decisions. These women have relied on their fathers or husbands to handle money matters throughout their entire life, taking a back seat to this critical part of their world, and then suddenly found themselves on their own. Scared.

Lisa has taken two decades of experience in the financial services business to now teach real life money lessons to young women in her first book. Her motivation was to educate women at an earlier age to take control of their finances, be prepared, and make wise decisions with their money that will have a profound effect on their entire lives.

Brown’s financial advice has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC.com, Yahoo! Finance, and she is also a regular columnist for Kiplinger.com’s Wealth Creation site. In 2015 Brown was named one of the Ten Young Advisors to Watch by Financial Advisor magazine. She lives in the suburbs of Atlanta with her husband and three children.